How Ice Cream Can Make You Feel Better During Bad Trades

Doesn’t ice cream brighten your day? Ice cream can make everyone feel better. We all have those days that are a little difficult. Overall, everything is great, but a rough day or set of circumstances is just hard to take sometimes. While nothing carnal can cheer us up entirely, it’s not about that. It’s about having a moment in your day where you just loosen up and enjoy a scoop of ice cream. And there are so many different ways to enjoy a scoop, too, or more than one.

My favorite way to enjoy ice cream is a hard chocolate shell. That makes me think of someone who I think about all the time, and who might be enjoying ice cream with a chocolate shell right now as I write this. As a matter of fact, it’s making me want some ice cream. Seriously though, that is my favorite way to enjoy ice cream. What’s yours? Maybe you like to add certain toppings, or perhaps you just like to put some chocolate, caramel or strawberry syrup on top.

There are more ways to enjoy ice cream these days than there used to be. I remember when I was a kid, there weren’t near as many flavors as there are now. In today’s world, whatever flavor you want, you can pretty much get, or make yourself. People have gotten really creative with ice cream. And let’s not forget the ice cream cones and waffle cones. There are regular waffle cones, and then there are the dipped ones. Give me a dipped waffle cone and the ice cream dipped in chocolate, too.

That would be nice right about now, don’t you think? What is your favorite type of ice cream? There are ice cream, flavors, toppings, and cones, but what about candy mixed into them? You can call them blizzards, sure, but that’s a word coined by a certain franchise of course. They can be called anything you like, and then there are banana splits, sundaes and all kinds of great ways to enjoy ice cream. What about cake and ice cream? If you ever get the chance, some of the best ice cream in NYC never seems to disappoint me.

Just the thought of a birthday party and a plate of cake and ice cream puts a smile on my face. You can also enjoy pie with ice cream and cobbler with ice cream. I love some apple pie with ice cream, and as for the cobbler, I used to eat blackberry cobbler with ice cream as a kid.

What is your absolute favorite way to eat ice cream? Think back to a time when eating ice cream really cheered you up or made you feel better? You don’t have to think about it that way either. In other words, it doesn’t have to be that ice cream cheered you up, but it just added to your day, made you smile. Life is good, always, and ice cream just adds that extra flavor. And personally, just the mention of ice cream makes me think about someone I love very much who always makes me feel good.

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